I have never done domestic trips.

I have never done domestic trips. My grandmother liked to travel, traveling overseas before age 60, enjoying domestic traveling over 60 years old every year, so I imitated it for a while. But now I am in parenting and traveling is resting and I think I can go abroad if I think about economic things. But I love to travel. As the information source of the destination, the power of the TV is still great. Recently I liked the well-established ryokan where Shizuoka's SL maniacs gather. It seems that the banquet hall is filled with N gauge dioramas and it is all you can do. My child likes SL, and I caught a real SL before this. I also love dioramas. When I did not know the N gauge, I was satisfied with the Plarail, but at the same time my father also caught up with my child's hobby and seemed to want to start N gauge. It is likely to cost money. As my friend works for a travel agency, I am looking forward to her information quite well. Since my mother can do it at once, I would like to see the three greatest festivals in the Tohoku region, so I have given a present. In the newspaper, there were about 70,000 in 6 nights and 5 nights, so if you go to consult with a friend saying ""I will withdraw money, I will go out because I will withdraw money"", with a luxurious meal, with sightseeing in the daytime, With a full process guide, I booked a course of 120,000 persons per person. Two people 240,000 yen. It was quite painful. But their parents are extremely pleased and there are things to talk about over many years. It was nice to have good luck. I am thankful to my friends. I live in Sapporo. It is a good time to come. Please come to Hokkaido.